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Gomez is ugly?
6 years ago
I know where you guys are coming from, he's probably a jerk and I shouldn't care for him. But as fans we choose to like and dislike players based on the little ...
I'm sad for Mario, he is so good and yet he can't control himself. I find him so interesting and intense and different, too bad he has to be such a brat.
Thanks! these were great...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Tragic event but wonderful reaction from everyone, including the fans.
Hey chaconche, I don't understand your point at all bro. I don't care either way about that game, I liked both teams, but I really do think it was a good call t...
7 years ago
Paul the octopus FTW!!
From the replay that I saw he was even with the last defender and therefore he was onside, but it's irrelevant right? Since the ball was touched by defenders be...
Hey seanf24, I was calling you on your rational and your choice of word, ("I speak the truth", "If the truth hurts you, than my friend I can say your not a good...
You speak the truth? I'm not a good man if I don't agree with you? LOL! Hopefully you'll soon realize how stupid and "bios" (!) you sound...
Total lack of class from SAF in his post game conference... Reflects poorly on a great club and a great coach. That said, I don't get Rafael second yellow. The ...
8 years ago
I feel bad for chelsea and especially ballack who yet again misses out on a big trophy... but don't forget the completely bogus red card to abidal, that was a h...
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