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Gerrardistanbul thought the Manchester City v Liverpool match was awesome
3 months ago
I have no doubt that come the end of the season it will be you and city fighting it out for first. Arsenal, Liverpool and Man U will be tussling for 3rd and 4th...
4 months ago
Gerrardistanbul thought the Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool match was awesome
Gerrardistanbul nominated J. Flanagan (75') for Goal of the Week
The fact Tottenham were 'loosing' by two goals shouldn't make a difference to whether its a red or not. It's whether or not the tackle was worthy of a red, whic...
I don't want to jinx anything and I'm certainly not foolish enough to think the current situation is going to last, but I've really enjoyed seeing both our team...
You still might see the likes of bale and modric in the champions league... they just might be wearing different colours. Tough break though tottenham, you des...
1 year ago
4 liverpool players make england squad, pretty good going, though carroll and downing are sure to be slightly controversial.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Doesn't matter how much someone baits you you should never respond with physical violence. WHat had aguero done deserve being kicked from behind? Barton is a di...
Obviously i was exaggerating clearly a permanent ban would be unfair, but i certainly feel 6 months minimum would do justice. Whatever way you look at it Barton...
I'm not talking about whether suarez was guilty, I'm saying the punishment for what he was charged with is out of proportion with what barton should get. @TheTo...
Anyone else find it ridiculous that Barton's maximum suspension is likely to be the same as Suarez's and he could easily get less than that. Barton himself has ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Nobody is saying carroll's any good, just that he scored an important goal so should get a bit of credit. No need to get so worked up about it, i'm sure he stil...
2 years ago
Not our best performance, but this was a very weakened team, no gerrard, suarez or reina, and we played an hour of the match a man down. I'm actually pretty hap...
He's defensive of his players, an incredibly important attribute. He's willing to take the heat from the press if it means protecting his team.
Yeah and when you chuck in the cash from mascherano and alonso it breaks even. The issue though is what has been on what the money has been spent on.
I don't think carroll dived, looked like he tripped and then tried to cover his own arse by saying he was fouled. Absolutely dismal performance, can't believe t...
Watch it again, there is no contact. That was a filthy tactic and perch should be ashamed of himself.
Oh my god that's where i'm at uni, i'm on break so am missing this but they're training right next to where i live. Would've stuck around if i'd known they were...
I really think it was, we've seen plenty of long range strikes sure, but this was an acrobatic volley as well struck as anything i've ever seen.
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