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As soon as I saw Barcelona next to your name,I knew your garbage message would at some point mention EPL vs La Liga. Grow up and shut the f**k up. This is a one...
5 years ago
Ba's goal is just pure class, touch, finish. Unreal
Pick that out!
I would love to personally hand Zlatan Ibrahimović his plane ticket home
6 years ago
I would love to personally hand Zlatan Ibrahimović his plane ticket home
I think everyone has missed the biggest mistake here. A Cole not at left back? That is just ridiculous. He is the best left back in the world, with out doubt. I...
CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT. Dirty Italian game.
Get back to fixing matches you greasy bastard!
Germany sat back and countered in South Africa, yet the were a'revelation'?
Don't bite English fans, this is just some random twat trying to get a response. Ciao
I’m sick of England being subjected to bias criticism. Obviously, once a team becomes a scape goat it sticks. I thought the English kids did very well. To sta...
6th best team in the EPL. Champions of Europe.
Chelsea were the better team? Eh? Did you watch the game?
Cheick Tioté my Man of the Match. Top draw player that lad.
Someone finally topped chris waddles penalty miss at Italia 90
He was in his own half when the pass was played
Guardiola out
The red card was deserved? That was not fixed.
He needs to get back to dwarfville in lord of the rings, just outside middleearth
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