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This is just weird.
7 years ago
While we're still growing, yes. And those numbers are extremely tainted by DPs, most of whom are in their late 30s. I fyou we're to take that out, the avera...
Since I haven't seen any yet, I'm gonna throw it out there... let's see those lineups Adu--------Altidore-------Davies -----------Donovan-------------- ---...
Well, shockingly it's both. MLS is growing into a developmental league. Frankly, in order to grow, all the MLS needs is money, and there is some fantastic tale...
Not shockingly, those (spoiled, rich) kids who play ODP are just generally douche-bag-ish. I'm perfectly content playing club and school for now...
I played ODP for a year, so I know a bit about it....
Klinsmann = our savior he gets it 100%. ODP is nice, and has produced good players, but when you narrow your selection down by running a program that costs $...
You guys are right about Klinsmann's observation of the lack of players from the street, but our Youth system is growing as we speak. In the 90's, USSF impleme...
Brendan thanks for starting the discussion about the future of US soccer I will continue to post links to your thread and promote it as much as possible as I th...
Well, just as a World Cup ends, a new campaign begins, and I sense a lot of really tough decisions in the future for the federation. "Project 2010 (the launch ...
8 years ago
I'm going to my favorite Irish pub and having a burger and their world-famous pub chips.
Close your ears mexicans... Blanco is the most thoroughly pathetic piece of scum ever to grace a football pitch. People are stereotypical and associate Ce...
Piennar was the motor to South Africa's attack. The defense would play straight to him, and once he got it they were pretty foolproof. That attacking for of P...
Finally someone who can empathize with me. Spector was far and away the worst player in the EPL this year. He just is genuinely terrible. I don't know why we...
All together now... "You're in the MLS because of us, you're in the MLS because of us..."
Brendan?! Shame on you bashing the US in the world cup forum come on get it together man! lol....shame shame shame. Oh yeah and why you gotta dog out my Phil...
Shows how awful of a coach maradona is... Ronaldo and his individually-dyed bang tips can step aside.
You see, the problem here is that you guys are predicting the "shock exit" to happen to teams that aren't very good to begin with. Yes, Portugal and Argentina ...
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