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I love to play football whenever I can. I love to score goals. I like to make music (hip-hop, acoustic, and electronica). I love to dance. I enjoy cooking alot. I'm all about FIFA 10 and Call of Duty World at War. I enjoy watching House, Family Guy, Burn Notice, Animal Planet, SportsCenter, History Channel or any good television. I love my lady Amy with all of my heart.
I hate Manchester United. I'm not a fan of large spiders. I don't like defenders who cheat and grab shirts. I don't like college a whole lot, mainly the school work part. I don't like Manchester United. I don't really enjoy spiders or any large insects for that matter. I hate ignorant people who can't open their mind to the world for what it is. I can't stand cocky and arrogant people.
Amateur (Forward) UC Santa Barbara Gauchos
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Henry did it in less than a second
8 years ago
Don't talk ish when your goin up against a true legend in davids. u will get beat fa sho doin that.
You know what i've tried that before in a game but what i did was instead of flicking the ball up, i did it straight back and my teammate then struck it on goal...
Well done
I love it that Mourinho is as passionate as his players about the game. Even more then Fergie's bitch ass!
No us Arsenal fans are feeling frustrated. I think Chelsea fans are feeling pretty good about now.
Oh and Wesley Sjnider you are one lucky sob. There was most definitely contact there as your leg caught Dani Alves on the calf and heel. Again, another minor de...
Ok it was a good performance by Inter for the home fans in the San Siro, but man-o-man was Milito's goal offside. So had the linesman been with the play that go...
Love this video. Def will inspire me to get to England and make it playing footy. Just gotta play a few years pro here in the MLS and then make my way there. Or...
I'm surprised no one has commented on this video yet this is great production. I really like this video. Not because I am an Arsenal fan but mainly because of t...
Damn are Spurs on a hot streak or what. They beat Arsenal in the same fashion as Chelsea but this game could have been a blowout if it wasn't for Cech. And when...
No people the number 12 jersey means that the fan is the 12th man.
Looks like adidas are makin the new kits slim fitting for the players. Liverpool have the same type of kits that are form fitted to the players' bodies. Funny t...
Pisses me off. Every damn year we loose the title towards the end of the year. It seriously puts me beside myself when we cannot get our s**t together and actua...
You can't say that Inter smashed Chelsea in Champs league. Yea they won, but they def did not have most of the play. And mathematical properties cannot in anywa...
Damn is Juve and Liverpool are having the same type of year. Just not cutting it for one of the most prestigious sides is their respective leagues. I wonder wha...
Damn how bitter did the announcer sound when he said England is not in the semis. Losing the tie on away goals at home is a real stinger. Tough luck Man U but y...
Dope song choice. What is the title of that track?
Good vid but why include so many misses? More goals would've been nice yea?
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