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4 years ago
Your just mad because luis suarez is your dungeon sex master.
You guys suck. shut up and join the club.
Hopefully Hernanes can redefine that midfield, probably not. Inter desperately needs signings and european football.
Gascollazo just became a Fan of Liverpool
Can we be competitive again?
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Gascollazo just Watched
Not pool fans but english media. especially the calls of him being a racist.
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Ten months ago, you all hated luisito, and now you cant get his meat out of your mouth.
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Barcelona has won everything the past 4 years by way of diving. getting the madrid players sent off, van persie sent off, 2009 stamford bridge game and getting ...
6 years ago
I bet you though bayern inter was a dream too.
Thats such BS. Im saying this as a completely neutral spectator, but that red card was a game winner for the red devils. I mean to lose your captain and have to...
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Lets face it, epl wouldnt be the same without suarez. i think he's the only reason epl is better then la liga.
Great match, Italy was quite wasteful but they played a decently solid game. Us Uruguayans are becoming ever more powerful in the football world. We have that f...
Wow uruguay look like they are becoming a very convincible force in football.
But milito scored twice in CL final. Who scored twice in a final for chelsea? p.s. listen to my funnier joke. Torres.
Lets be serious, inter did not deserve a red card or that penalty, and anyone will say that going down to ten men is a game changer, let alone the subsequent pe...
Cavani = Best player on Napoli
Uruguay noma carajo!
No wer're not world champions. we are s**t, and thats what we tell ourselves so we feel a little bit better. We'll be the best when we are champions of italy an...
What has tottenham hotspur ever won... get a sense of history kid, cause tottenham is never going to win s**t.
Caaaaaavaniiiiiiii! wow, the uruguayan players are starting to make us proud again. Forza Cavani defending his colors like a true uruguayan.
20+ games played with chelsea and 1 goal to his name is an even bigger jaw dropping statistic.
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