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Gar420 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Its true, that De Gea makes some totally unbelievable saves, on the other hand, its also true that his parrying of the ball leaves much to be desired as he ofte...
I'm a utd fan and even I can see that Liverpool are building a strong foundation to grow on, thanks to rogers. They have been playing great football...As for do...
Of course the arsenal fan wouldn't think its pointless
They played better football than us with only 10 men....we had to get lucky to beat them (wasn't a deserved penalty IMO)...and if not for a moment of madness th...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Agreed, to some extent....but Chelsea are still playing in the champions league while athletico play in the Europa cup. Have a look at Malaga for instance (yes...
I said the same thing about silva before his first season with MC
I don't understand why maxi doesn't get more opportunities to start. The guy has played less than half the amount of games as downing and has more goals and ass...
6 years ago
@ Mamor... you of all fans should be the last to comment about not winning anything....just saying cant wait to prove you wrong (as well as finish above you.....
Liverpool played very well, especially in the first half. Well done! Glen Johnson should have received a red card for that challenge though. Its not a very go...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Being competitive and being dangerous (i.e. going in with two two studs showing) are two very different things. You can be competitive without putting peoples c...
I think is so funny how Mancini is condemning Rooney's actions when only a few weeks ago he made a public apology because he called for a player to be red carde...
I guess there trying to set a precedent will be very interesting to see what happens with John Terry now. The FA is already treading on thin ice when ...
Ummm, lets see....Phil Jones, who looks like he's gonna turn out to be an amazing football player, and probably a future united captain. Ashley young who has ...
SAF....Pleeeasseeeee buy a creative midfielder
Hate all you want, our never say die attitude will always prevail....even if our midfield is pathetic. Liverpool and especially Arsenal would do well to take so...
If that is true...then why cant he seem to replicate these type performances for Argentina??
Somewhere on FootyTube
Newsflash: Carroll is wayyyy better than Chamakh
I really cannot wait for the day when the rest of the clubs catch up with barca, and there not all dominating anymore (messi and xavi wont last forever)....just...
My thoughts (just in case you are totally bored and have nothing else to read): Arsenal's attack is pretty good to say the least, although they can be guilty of...
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