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Juve should sign a natural goal scorer and Higuain is in my opinion the perfect candidate. The new trezeguet for juve! I can definitely see higuain fitting in p...
6 years ago
Del pierooooooooooooooooooooooo!
That was world class football.
I hate to say it but maybe we need to lose a match as a kick up our asses so we can start winning again this is ridiculous.
Main reason chelsea aren't in the top 3: Fernando torres
Conte has lost it with this bum loser borriello. Shame on us for drawing against BOLOGNA. COME ON JUVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Worst goalkeeper i've ever seen..what a joke..and kicking the post he should kick himself what a disgrace
Juve had the better chances and were robbed by the bs offside decision against matri. All you losers with no brains claiming we cheat have no balls to admit juv...
World class goal :) lol
Funny how when Ronaldo shows the world how good he is...all of you haters are sheepishly quiet about it hahaaha hypocrites. Face it people Ronaldo is a legend a...
Di Natale is a has been...he's way too old for Juventus. I hope Nedved can persuade Tevez to come to Juve, he is definitely world class.
Quagliarella isn't a natural goal scorer he's more of a flamboyant skillful attacker. We need a clinical finisher which is probably the only thing missing in ou...
What are you on about? Juventus clearly had many more chances than udinese. We should have won this match easily.
Beginning to sound like a broken record here.. WE NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN FINISH.. our build up is world class but the finishing is unlike juve.
This match highlights our need for a top striker. So many chances wasted. But good performance and still undefeated hopefully juve will never lose a match in th...
That didnt sound right
Let me just re-iterate the need for a world class striker....our strikers are good but not good enough for juve anymore, maybe the juve of 1-2 seasons ago, but ...
Ronaldo's fault madrid lost this game...
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