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Hahahaha i laughed out very loud !!!
7 years ago
I watched the whole match and you know whattt... i hate the ref so much !! he's so annoying blowin whistle the whole game... Messi can't play 90 minutes, i ca...
Without Bale Spurs is still rockin in uefa :D Lennon is quick and fast, i like him ;p
That was more of a luck.. with that distance it is incredible but rooney put power in it without the ball bouncing
I want leeds and nottingham in epl :D
The most vote i've ever seen in footytube's nomination for the goal of the week !!!
What would happen if the world doesn't have a replay button?
I was the 999 voter
It's because he is such a player that's why it's possible for the goal to happen. If it's some other players then the volley wouldn't be that perfect. So what i...
Cool avatar dude. let me guess the source where u got it from, thesun? ;) lol
And the result was the real Hart stood still just the like Hart dummy :)
I'm sure no one can deny Rooney's goal against ManCity being the goal of the season We've seen a lot of fabulous goals of many great players like Drogba, Van P...
Yea that sucks, berb hasnt scored for a past few games already :(
Hahaha too overwhelmed about the goal but it just makes me think we really need to get the title, if not then it would be a really waste of efforts :(
Nicely said , i do feel the same when i saw the monstrous goal from drogba against bolton 2 weeks ago Even if i dislike chelsea, i still feel the greatness of i...
Only ManUtd players can do that :D That's the sickest goal i've seen in this season !! He totally kick ManCity's ass even Hart cant even react Nani goal was ...
Oooo scary, it's gonna be an exciting match next week ;p
I see a lot of The Invincible this and The Invincible that comments... Who gives a s**t about being The Invincible? As long as you get to hold the trophy, that...
This is why EPL is fun :) it's unpredictable, who would've known the first lost for manutd is to the bottom of the league team They focused on the big teams to...
Hey you dont have to avenge for us, if you want to avenge then you're suppose to lose not beat them :)
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