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5 years ago
Impressive performance from Messi....Loved the footage of the hot Brazilian girl jumping up & down. Definitely going to visit BRazil! :)
This video is kinda bias. Doesn't show any of the honduran attacks.
Chelsea should stick with playing 10 men inside the box and 1 guys for counter. Just like they did against Barca.
6 years ago
I think we can all agree that Barca, Madrid and Bayern are all teams that have reached peak levels and that it's anybody's game when either of them play against...
Not sure if that applies to Bayern. They have a very solid team. It may apply more to Chelsea, but I still wouldn't underestimate them. My opinion is that it...
You can't say that after only one game. Try beating Barca at least 3 times in a row before saying that. Count the ratio of wins of Barca vs MAdrid in the last...
This reminds me. Barca needs new talent in the defending side. Someone to take Milito's and puyol's place
If you ask me, this game was rigged. No fu&king way brazil missed 4 penalty shots. No way Neymar sucked like he did.
Messi man! fuc.king amazing!Those assists are crazy. I guess one man can make a difference.
This is the second game game where noel manages to save a penalty in the tournament before the 90 minutes ended. He's on fire!
SH!T!!, so unlucky Noel. What r the odds of having the ball bounce like that.
There is no excuse for the 1st goal against Argentina. Like 3 consecutive mistakes: Mistake 1: stupid pass that goes out of bounce Mistake 2: Defender misses b...
Ok,that makes sense.
How hard could it be to for Ronaldo to get back in shape? Don't know why he digs the michellin tyre icon look. Look at his videos when he used to play for Bar...
Robinio sucks
Martin! what a goal scoring machine.
I don't get it. Why has Honduras been sucking like in the last 10 games??
Never did like the Mexican team, but Chicharito is changing that a little bit. Never seen such a talented forward in the Mexican squad. Good job!
I would hate to see Bojan leave Barca, but I don't think he can develop his true potential there because he never plays. He should go to a team that will reall...
7 years ago
What a blood bath. Almeria got murdered here :s....feel sorry for them.
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