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I swear I noticed that too in the previous game they won 8-0, he is definitely an inch or two taller, even Sanchez Xavi and Iniesta look shorter than him when ...
5 years ago
The ENGLISH media is simply & blindly trying to cheer on their english team, fans please be FOOTBALL FANS its not like you woke up to the news that Chelsea won ...
6 years ago
Barcelona lost to a good DEFENSIVE display by Chelsea.But if you watch a game and analyse it tactically you do understand that; 1.scoring in your first a...
GUNNERS oh you gunners, sad to see very few comments that have analysed this game for what it really was. Two goals down after 30min just sums up our season, ho...
I cant belive wat im reading, leaves me asking myself are there any soccer fans out there who really understand the game.Pliz ge the facts ryt 1)Those who clai...
Wat is it with the bullshit about barca diving.Ppl I wish you played soccer if u did or still do u surely understand what it means to be targeted by someone for...
7 years ago
Its called management idiots.When u coach a team playing at the level arsenal does uve got to know your team A n team B.A season has all types of competitions a...
IDIOTS!IDIOTS!IDIOTS! Why do you post a comment wen u have no clue about analyzing football, all you can think of is "buying another player". Arsenal in my boo...
Ive always felt that M.Balotelli is an overrated player, its bo wnder he cant make it to the Italian national team, he too slugish and thinks of himself as g8t ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Oh how easily we forget.Why r u guyz talking bout inter only. This man took europe by storm, he guided porto to win the champions league, led chelsea to win the...
Why is everyone surprised by the dutch tactics against the slick spaniards? After all, it got them to the finals, in fact it worked magic against the mighty bra...
I am and have never been an international football fan.National teams just dont play with the same commitment, passion and desire as clubs do.Twas a fiting end ...
@Bhojan; u have to remember that this is a friendly match. This is ona of the reasons why I dont really like them no matter what kind of teams play. Players ju...
8 years ago
England forcus alot on thier squad rather than the game.Its not who plays for which club or how many he scores.ITS WHO FITS THE TEAMS STYLE OF PLAY.Thierry henr...
Unbelievable!!N inter still managed to hold the rossoneri with nine men.Julio Cesar was fantastic.
Do u guyz have a clue of how paionfull it is to have your anklestpped at
Thierry Henry is an all time great for former club n country his goal scoring and skill,excuisite finishing is one of the best I have ever seen,He came to barca...
Wat a header from Freddy Kanoute.Absolutely stunning.The Angolans showed some inexperience n overexcitement,this is evident in the way they celebrated, the mana...
We shouldnt use this match to measure the quality of the french team in terms of how they play.Im still not convinced that they have the flawless passing n move...
Spot on lad
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