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That's funny....who assisted the second goal?
5 years ago
I am very pleased with Modric so far, as his passing ability in center mid (which i believe is his main role) is uncanny....he comes up with all sorts of great ...
Well i think thats just real's management. many madrid fans do deserve a player like ronaldo, especially since barca has been dominating the league the last fiv...
Nice, very intelligent comment....when has he played better this season bhook? lolol
To me i thought it was really just coentrao and diego costa who had dirty plays...but then again, I'm slightly biased! :)
This is the best that benzema has played in a long time
Jesus. I've never seen a more passionless game.......
I think madrid played quite well. and found the easy passes for goals. as a HUGE fan of ronaldo, i have to say that i wish he would honor the teamates tht set h...
I lold :)
Had to google ian huntley lol
6 years ago
Every single one of the Group B teams lost or tied....and Portugal's draw was against Macedonia! They need to pick it up
I think all in all it was a fair score. both teams got lucky penalties, ronaldo's second goal was ONSIDE, and then real madrid choked on penalties. bayern deser...
Tbh bayern played great and real madrid blew the penalties, BUT in a regular game the score would've been 2-1 madrid. bayern were better in their arena and so w...
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Actually he's completely right, it was a very close and exciting game. And yes, the only realistic games for real madrid to drop points (besides barcelona) are ...
i thought the man u guy made a good point.... its how people that AREN'T barca fans hate on madrid....or the bandwagon fans for barca, they suck too
I agree that it shouldn't have been a red....but i believe it was a penalty, i which case rooney shouldn't miss
Where DO u vote for goal of the week, anyway? P.S. choose ronaldo's freekick!
Out of the 8 semifinalists in europa or champions league, 5 are from spain: real madrid, barcelona, valencia, athletic bilbao, and atletico madrid!! spain is tr...
Maybe because there were no penalties in the match away, and a slightly off no-call is better than an obviously wrong call. But, with respect to barcalona, they...
@Daffy, thats exactly how it should've been handled
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