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Who is Alba...?
Yes, it was a penalty, but still a win is a win. Do you remember what I said about the weak Barca's center backs? (and that thing called Mascherano) Now I'am no...
Do you remember what I said about the weak central defense?
Well Liso 1234, it's just my opinion, nobody has the absolute truth, but my point is that Pique & Puyol were outclassed and they are not on the top anymore. Let...
I'm no Barca hater, but the two clowns that play central defense were simply overwhelmed by Milan. Messi looks bored, Iniesta and Xavi are ageing and the rest o...
Pique... he's not a good player anymore, thinks he's now a pop star and is very distracted by his affair with that colombian...
Yea, he's a good player and I'm waiting to see him in the mexican national team as well
Chicha (by the way, tit in slang mexican) and Anderson are the future of Man U...
Chicha (by the way, tit in mexican slang) and Anderson are the future of Man U...
As always, good finish work by little pea Hernandez...
What's the matter, Zeke, this is just good football... Vidic is a gifted central defender
Chicharitooo! No doubt he's way better than Welbeck. Pure assasin instinct!
Well, don't forget you also lose the last Champions against Chelsea...
Thanks for a very interesting bit of history. Congrats Celtic!
And Scotland is not bankrupt like Catalonia...
Just another BARCA trauma after defeat...
Yes, I agree with you, Welbeck could be a good winger, but still inferior to Nani and Valencia. The point is that Man U has to open more space for Hernandez
Yes mate, he could be...
You wish you had a player like Hernandez. And there is no comparison between Chicharito and Torres. Soon you will see.
Well Pball... I fully understand your sad pain. The wounds are so deep that you're still bleeding to death. Viva Chicharitooooo!
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