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I think it was Dani Alves's side!!
6 years ago
Why don't you shut ur stupid gob!!! Barceolona are nothing without those stupid referees in the European games. To quote Mourinho not once has this 'small club...
Players don't become known because they win many trophies by jumping ships!!! Players become great when drive their club forward to greatness!!! Fabregas withou...
Get used to sitting on the bench fabregas!!! How you appreciate your old club now!!! and how is it like winning in a team , where u are not the main protagonist...
Dick head I wish you would just have been grateful to Arsene Wenger and tried to repay his debt....
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Arsenal would have knocked out Barcelona in the Champions league had it not been for the pathetic excuese of a ref. And yes Barcelona do have a way of manipulat...
People living in glass houses shoudn't throw stones...Atleast some1 gets to play in the C L unlike Liverfoool...fighting for UEFA cup.
How can you attack if you never get the ball!! The attackers are not going to chase the ball....it's the midfielders and defenders job to win the ball back!! An...
Somewhere on FootyTube
50 million for TeveZ. Not worth it mate
I had rather Man U win the champions league rather than Barca those cheating diving thugs
Ya i think Dempsey is one of the most under rated player in the league!!Take nothing away... that was a good finish!!
Liverfool was a fool to sack Roy Hodgson!! Kenny Daglish is just lucky at the moment. Next season they will still just be fighting for UEFA cup!! lol
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