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Well yesterday City and today Arsenal with same fate. Definitely both winning teams were the better sides but seems like luck runs out of England pitch.
Haha big clubs in spain gets special treatment by umpire is true lol
Haha yea bro, definitely m talking abt the future. Who can take the place of messi in current form? So ur reply is too lame lol. Barca has been a club where the...
Martino is doing really cool. He is building a perfect team where every player contributes and get chance to play. I never trusted neymar when he debut in barca...
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Brown's red card wasn't deserving !! Wtf! It might be your own assessment but many of us don't really agree with it. Why should he kick him a player even for a ...
Swansea played great first half. totally controlled it but nice to see arsenal doing tiki taka when everybody says its a fail. Arsenal going really well and see...
Another victory to arsenal. That's a wow start in UEFA. Hope this continues and they do some big damage to so called giants in EPL.
Yea definitely barca played rubbish. How could they do it to their opponent!! have some respect lol
I am happy that they didn't sell sanchez. I always believed in him and guess what! he's gonna bring fire this season for sure. however not sure yet, Neymar is ...
Tiki taka is the way that you don't get to see everyday neither any team except barca can play with such perfection. Of course barca failed on it this year but ...
5 years ago
Yes Leo you are true but its kinda shame for fans around the world to lose in such a humiliating way. Since our last CL title was snatched away only bcuz of bad...
Well I don't think its end of the era or rise of someone. Only thing is have barca's defense fixed as we hope it will be this summer along with new coach, we wi...
First half was okay for barca as they controlled midfield even though they couldn't break the defense of munich. But as second half started I could sense munich...
Real played good but not good enough. Even they missed some decent chances to score so did dortmund. I liked the dortmund's play actually, their passes and accu...
Yea with current form it seems preety impossible with the team like bayern to be honest.
Pique is now main defender of barca but look at him he never can stop even 1 and 1. first goal from bilbao was just like he did with bayern. What a crap. They c...
Btw when did Real Madrid start playing tiki taka. R u serious?
Yes EPL is competitive in their home and excitement to watch but when it comes to champion of Europe, they always suck there. Because they are just like typical...
No disrespect to anyone but Madrid haters of barca what you say about ur lose? They don't play tiki taka, they don't have terrible defense like ours, they play ...
Don't get butthurt buddy just pray ronaldo gets it this time.Hope ur prayers work.
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