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4 years ago
Morinhno, shame on you, you are such liar! It was NOT a penalty, you know that!!!!!! Shame of your ugly team, Chelsea!
Messi, congratulations, 8 more goals in total, you'll be the legend of legends!!! The top scorer ever in a year!!! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!!!!
5 years ago
Liverpool did come back....but no future!!! Why? Take a look of L. Suárez's goal, NO ONE came to celebrate with him, he was all ALONE to enjoy HIMSELF!!!!! W...
:D nice job, RM!!! Good lose! C Ron, you looked like a jxxx!Be humble!
Kaka is the best player!!!! Leave RM, don't waste your gift under Morinho!
He's a perfect player, the best player ever!!! No ONE can compare!
O-yo-yo!!!!a-ya-ya!!!! Hahahaha, you are so funny! :) I like that!
I have never seen this kind of goal as he did!!! Cisse, what a goal! Keep on and beat MC like this!
6 years ago
Gunners GO GO GO~! You are one of the greatest! You are the rival of MU, not MC!!!! We can compete with honor, not money!!!! 8 points ahead? Yes, by the mighty ...
He was afraid to lose to Arsenal this week, and don't not have the confidence to win MU again. Definitely, MU will be the 20~!!!!!!!! Yeah~!
Incredible goal, Crouch~!!!!!!! Wonderful! Last year was Rooney's, and this year is yours!!!! Golden goal of the year!
Rubbish? for those who vote this are football idiots, how can they vote rubbish to Barcelona? Any team can do this? Anyone other than Messi can do this? Obvious...
Look at these....horrible! http://youtu.be/58ILbyflta8 http://youtu.be/-d2V_d1qYQk insult Evra...http://youtu.be/kCGG2_hNB4A pull Rafel's hair http://youtu....
It's not about MU and Liverpool, it's about the spirit of sport! How could Suarez kick the other like side-kick????? He's not a player, he's a beast, a dog!!! S...
They are s**t!!!! Disgraceful and by purpose to hurt the other players.......do you two want others to hurt you like this? Stupid kids!!!!
Sorry, i don't like this. I like CR,too, But he disappeared after the first 11minutes. And Pepe the freak was an insult to contemporary soccer, no one play like...
Wow, you are a RM's fan, but I like you! ^^ Speak the truth! :P (no offense)
That K. Davies is an idiot! Crazy and without respect the spirit of soccer! Shame shame to be a footballer, not say captain!
Agree, look at his disgusting face, when Messi passed by him, he just shown his contempt and express a stink gesture, shame, did he grow up at all? NOPE! And w...
Mourinho is freak!! Sneaky attacked Barcel's assistant coach, shame on him, what a childish act! Tactics right? RM played like a group of gangs! Shame!! You are...
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