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Funny enough I believe, and think that a lot of people will agree with me on this, is that Chelsea would have probably gotten the winner if only Ivanovic was se...
5 years ago
6 years ago
That first goal was all on Bosingwa for being too casual, he frustrates me because he allowed the same run to happen just minutes before. The second goal though...
Torres = Man Of The Match.
It's funny how some teams (Man Utd for example) can have magic happen for them time and time again and they ride on that. Chelsea are a team that have to labor ...
If you don't sell him, at least send him out on loan, if at least for half a season. Send Torres back to Madrid for a bit. The guy is lacking confidence, despit...
1. If Giggs can play such a high profile game, so can Henry. Henry would have made a difference. 2. Arsenal in the last 10 years hasn't been know for it's defen...
The only thing I had to complain was the hand ball. What ref in the premier league would actually call that? None. His body was moving in the way of the ball. O...
7 years ago
Vintage Ronaldo!!! Spurs need to show such passion and striking flair more often, I believe they don't play at this level, the reason why they aren't in the top...
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