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Spain Vs. Tahiti
4 years ago
Fross just Watched
Spain Vs. Haiti
Hate to admit it, but Barca plays better without Messi... They need to realize that he doesn't always have to get the jeeez! Good win still
Fross nominated L. Messi (5') for Goal of the Week
Pinto is soo garbage....
It's funny how many persons either hated Ibrahimovic or didn't even know him...but now he's their idol!! LOL!! Bandwagonists!!!
Juan f*****g Mata!! jeezz!! What a pass!!
Barca played like s**t man...smh!! Very disappointing!! Pedro own Marcelo though...LOL!!
That's the Chelsea I know!! Good Game!!
Benzema...what are you sniffing bro. gimme some!! As much as I hate ronaldo, he scored a nice last goal for his hat-trick!!
I never understand how can you have the whole EPL on your team and still play a shitty game...smh!! its beyond me!!!
Suarez dived like a c**t!! that's why kuyt missed!! KARMA!!!!!!!!
6 years ago
After reading all these comments...some of y'all are just str8 up dumbasses!!! I'm a barca fan and that last goal by Ronaldo had nothing to do with luck!! If yo...
Well said man!!!
Pepe is the biggest PUSSY ever!!! smh!!!!
Real madrid can only score on barca sub goalie!!! BARCA for life!!!! real madrid only have money to buy s**t players!!! lmaooo!! Well done once again messi!
7 years ago
Plus...real madrid could only score on barcas sub goalie!! that was a shitty goal!!!
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