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Obnoxious much? Suarez was in the clear with the ball when Sagna fouled him so it was very much a goal scoring opportunity. The play should have continued as th...
4 years ago
You are correct; or just let the play continue and book the player later - dunno; funny enough Atkinson was involved in a similar situation: Altidore/Sagna few ...
Can't understand why the quick free kick was disallowed and Atkinson was just keen to book Sagna! If that would have been 1-1 then the whole game would have loo...
Pretty much sums up your last season aye? Be cocky about 8-2 and then finish the season empty handed.
With lack of basic comprehension skills, someone, you just went full retard. Also proves from your profile: disappointed in MU but happy with Brazil? True bro!
Arsenal were brilliant in attack during the whole game. They paid the price for their defensive errors. We are lucky to get a draw out of this match. Arsenal ke...
Didn't you guys lose to Crystal Palace in the League Cup last season? That too at home?
Gunnerdone: I love my job :D
@Mataoffact: Yeah bro, I hear ya! Lost all faith in Liverpool. But for Chelsea, the faith can't be much better - with their best defenders in starting 11 the te...
Probably Loopster, probably! I sincerely hope that we provide a challenge to your team, and I think we will after all we have won a Cup recently - amongst us tw...
Haha, classic "fanboy-ism". Well son, you cannot use the words best and most together for your team. If they are only winning "most" of their games then they ar...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Suarez/Pep stuff is only a rumor based on both of them having the same agent and who apparently wants to link up the two - the agent being Suarez's brother in l...
Haha, thanks mate. Props to whoever 'shopped this on Freddie and made it available on the web.
Best. Profile. Pic. Ever. Class. Cheers!
Pfft. If we lose, we lose. The fans know and are being supportive and patient - unlike... ahem. Oh and btw, we welcome Chelsea to join us in the Europa League -...
Thank you Dustdevils; EddieGness needs to understand that there can be only one ugly pig man, lol
And Phil Dowd does it again
Sigh! Ba still needs to reach Drogba's level of professionalism. If it was Drogba, he would have got a penalty instead of yellow and another goal instead of off...
Beast and Cheat! Oh Drogba, how can one forget you
Lol wut? 290 rubbish for liverpool!
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