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Suarez and Sturridge will both take a tumble if they are touched, as would pretty much any striker in the league. Bale on the other hand is just constant, alway...
That was possibly the most stressful game I have watched all season, I'll be the first to admit, I didn't think we could do it (especially considering the form ...
Anyone think Suarez was a bit selfish in last nights game? He dogged a lot of shots in the second half when he had easy lay-offs on almost every one. Borini was...
The only way we could challenge for it would be to win the rest of our games and get our GD to around 20-25. I predict we'll get 5th or 6th, it seems like it wi...
Shelvey wouldn't, but Henderson is playing top football, as is Downing. I think we should have started with Borini and pushed them with a 442 from the start.
Shouldn't have taken Sturridge off for Allen, he was hardly going to snatch a late winner; I thought there might be a Sterling appearance to run at city in the ...
That was a 1st rate performance and a pretty exciting game, congrats on the big scalp.
It seems Oldham played really well, credit where credit is due.
I think that missed shot/opportunity has cost Robinson his 1st team place for the season.
Holy shiiiit giant killing day.
Great result, great performances, although, pretty shitty Sunderland. All the same 3 points 3 goals.
A s**t idea, definitely s**t.
_________BORINI________ STERLING_SUAREZ_SUSO ___GERARD__LUCAS___ ENRIQUE______JOHNSON ____AGGER_SKRTEL_____ _________REINA_________
Downing, Allen, Sahin, Coates, Pacheco, Ngoo and Jones on the bench
Predictions for the QPR game anyone? Borini back in the side? Different lineups after getting smashed at the Britannia? Perhaps a strategic shake-up?
Get in Swansea, show those Man U twats what for
F**k me 8-0, well done.
Suso played really well I thought, he's often worth a place over sterling, they should at least just be rotated between the flanking positions, with downing get...
I saw Wenger was interested for 10 mil, I would guess BR is gathering some cash for a mid to high spend, they still need to put right the s**t from the last win...
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