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The reason that I don't like Dennis is because he is used to carrying the team in his back and if he comes here he won't b the main focal point. So he will b li...
What a ride Juventus has put us through. And it's only gonna get better. Top 8 this year with absolutely no offensive power. A few more purchases this year and ...
Dam we started so good and high pressure. Just goes to show that u gotta make ur chances count. We knew bayern was gonna b tough. But I thought we would of at l...
No matri. Anybody but matri or gio. Anelka would b better. Bendther even. Matri needs the easy goals. The ones that everybody can make. He can play against pesc...
Gigi Buffon has pulled out some of the craziest saves this season. It's hard to believe he is coming at the end of his playing days. He will b missed
He should of never played
Hahaha thats funny. juventus offensive is better. we got matri that clears the other teams lines for them. what else can you ask for
Forzajuve5467 gave the Juventus v Catania video a rating of 5
Buffon has most of my points with 234 hby guys
Yes i agree, juve must go down
In the same week arsenal played spurs and spurs went up 2-0 on arsenal early in the game and arsenal came back and won it 5-2. so consider urself lucky that u g...
There r rumors that huntelaar might go to Liverpool. And that juve has put a 28 million dollar bid on Suarez. I don't know if Suarez can play in this kind of le...
We're we the only undefeated team in the groups?
Wow so buffoons prediction came exactly as he said it would. He said juve first and shaktar second. What a champ he is cuz he helped make this happen.
Who missed the penalty. I didn't watch the game
This game should be a good game to start bendther
If we go in second half with this same mentality we r going to lose this game. Isla should never touch a soccer ball ever again. And marchisio needs to get in t...
Only player to retire without eer missing a pk
Thiago Silvja deserves it more then anyone else
Keep the player happy (padoin) has not gotten any playing time. marrone not just cuz of the yellow on chiellini but also for experience. they want him to beco...
I like how teams get so excited to play us. And inter gave us our first loss in the league in a long time. They r now celebrating as if they won the title. I me...
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