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That is right
6 years ago
Def agree arsenal alr experienced that
7 years ago
How to when barca cheats and the refs help them year after year?
All i can say is cmarquez definitely did not watch the first half of the match :P
First! Epic game!
If what you said was true, then the chelsea-man utd match wouldnt have went that way would it?
And i never even tried... i just came in and saw that noone commented
First! united was poor
Why are you being so farking mean?
You were right on the last point... its not about united, the referee just didnt seem to like giving fouls
Did you not see the foul on evra? was the referee not consistent with rafael's foul later? what else is there
Ref didnt give for a similar barge on evra, he's being rather consistent isnt he? hate people always focusing on decisions given to united and forget that deci...
That doesnt make sense... if your team has given a penalty away, it gives your team the license to foul blatantly in the penalty box thereafter, according to yo...
8 years ago
Come on when are people going to grow up? there are bound to people making rubbish votes always... even in election the really crazy candidates get a small per...
I really hope for your sake u dont bet... u'ld be a bankrupt by now hill
The reason y english team didnt win CL was cuz of blatant cheating during semis
Haha who's the asshole who offsided his teammate's shot
Foster is really bad.... noone bailed him out this time
Why dont they let ronaldo take penalties instead? seeing that he would be in the running for golden boot.... in both la liga and CL
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