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Footyusa just Watched
I don't know man, seems like there was no contact, yet hart's feet missed the ball and would've taken boyd out had he not brought up his feet. it wasn't a reck...
Allen85 go f**k yourself. i see you on here bitching about vertonghen way too much. i almost think you fancy him. you're a little bitch chelsea fan that complai...
F*****g embarrassing. a soft red but whatever that was just a s**t performance
Footyusa just Watched
I agree. mike jones is pretty terrible most of the time though
There are worse shadows to be in i guess. but our day will come.
I wish liverpool could've gotten at least a point, they certainly deserved it. the game could've easily gone either way
That would be nice.
Footyusa just Watched
Well played reds. no excuses can be made. all i can say is i'm glad i wasn't able to watch this match. it was a good first half of the day
Agreed, but being down 2-1 away from home to bayern, i would imagine it crossed his mind
They've never had to really accept losing in a long long time. they can't handle it, even though they probably have a fine chance of getting back in the top fo...
Hell yes. good win. and howard playing his heart out. making america proud haha
Pedro, sergio busquets, and dani alves are pretty bad as well
I've never thought lukaku to be malicious but that seemed pretty reckless. it was obviously lloris's ball, lukaku just didn't really care if he got out of the ...
Yeah or chelsea
What happened? still laughing 7th place and dropping? haha
Nice game gooners
I will mark your words. and will happily shove them back down your throat after the game.
Didn't really deserve a red card, but after like 3 years of spurs getting s**t officiating against chelsea...after all the lame penalty calls, the goal that was...
What sucks is he's probably one of the better ones. oh my god though, michael ballack is horrible. if anyone saw the euros american broadcast you know
5 years ago
I'm glad it pissed beckham off, it should piss everyone off. theatrics are ruining football
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