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Assuming the rumors are true Jose had a falling out with the whole team and staff so far , wouldnt pay much attention to those. I agree about Bailly, i thing g...
5 days ago
Nooo what, Jose has to sell him now
6 days ago
We need to invest like City , like Vaaz mentioned they signed defender after defender until they got it right and we´re still playing with Young and Smalling, ...
1 week ago
Citys been steamrolling teams left and right scoring for fun plus they at home and i think theres more pressure on them to win and it could benefit us today . G...
Footymasta just became a Rival of FC Shakhtar Donetsk
Footymasta just became a Fan of FC Shakhtar Donetsk
Footymasta just became a Rival of FC Shakhtar Donetsk
Some of us here most probably want City to batter us so yous can have a rant about Jose instead of crediting him and the team for a monumental win in Turin. I d...
I also think Jose praising the Juve team in the first match was nothing but mind games which obviously payed off, shrewd operator wheres all the haters at?! hol...
Dont want to think what happends when we actualy score first, cant be good lol we just gotta keep doin what we are doing, its working fine atm grit and determin...
Recipe for success so far let the opponent score first each game n we win treble ...simple really. Fantastic result this shud give lads some confidence .
Hard to say realy , by stats City leads but if u look at individual players we had,they could change any game i think . Hard to compare the league was diferent ...
2 weeks ago
This defence needs fixing, i dont know what happened to them last year we was pretty solid at the back , Eric B. in particular looks like such a liability , if ...
Love it how Barca and Shitty fans teamup in a quest to bash United and Jose every chance they get very amusing reading thru their posts.
"Pep is not a real man" Zlatan the Great lol
3 weeks ago
I f*****g hate Smalling he always make me cringe, always brain farting and yet his always picked by Jose. Wont be suprised if we f**k this up , the whole team i...
SanchezAlexis, Stones and Laporte cost around 110 mil pound mate while Bailly and Victor were around 60 mil , not saying that the price tag is relevant but City...
Lets not forget that Pep invested around 300 mil on defense in laporte,Stones, Danilo,Mendy,Walker,Ederson add Bravo to that too, plus the likes of Mahrez, Sane...
Lukaku needs to go up to Mata and ask him to help improve his first touch , its horrendous and needs to change asap.
Gotta say im enjoying Real Madrids collapse, for years they slammed Ronaldo and thought they would be better off without him as his a selfish narcissist . Now ...
4 weeks ago
I've been trying to get into the US for years could you help me lol
1 month ago
If that happends the United we all knew and fell in love with will be GONE. BIG NO i rather have the Jews
We were in dire need of a r.winger and still are and i dont understand why we didnt try n get him
Footymasta gave the Lukaku and pogba interview video a rating of 5
1 year ago
Footymasta thought the Germany v Argentina match was good
4 years ago
5 years ago
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