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He's talking about when they zoomed in on the Jermaine Defoe shot. When it is about to hit the post you can see three dots on the post which appear to be censor...
5 years ago
A Aston Villa fan talking AT ALL LOL now that's priceless
6 years ago
You're acting as if Barcelona have been dominating for ever. Fickle football fans don't even know the history of Madrid.
Barcelona fans writing essay's bring's a smile to my face.PRICELESS.
Well that is Barcelona the best team in the world!
@Ash2bd Yeah i do admit that they have perfected the art, however it really gets to me when Barca fans think they invented that style of play.
Lool a Liverpool fan speaking about spending money to win the title. How's the 80 million that went on Henderson, Downing and Carroll who were meant to win you ...
Haha what makes it even sweeter is that he said he wanted to go for trophies pahaha don't make me laugh
I think you'll find Arsenal have been playing that syle of football for a longer than Barcalona just in recent times it has gotten worse
Out of 100 shots? hmm that's peculiar since he's only had 200 shots in the league and scored 37 times
I have been mentioning Songs assists infact i've been saying he is a great player for about 3 seasons now but today i thought this was a more fitting comment ho...
I don't like the way pundits are not mentioning Arteta's goal today as a work of art if Messi had done it we would be hearing about it for months.
@Delmarco You can say that about any team. Were would Tottenham be withoout Modric's delightful assists, were would Arsenal be without Robin Van Persie, were wo...
La Liga is NOT better than the Premier League for one reason, the EPL is more competitive however the style of play and the quality of the teams in La Liga ARE ...
Well then your just an idiot to be honest.
Without Modric, Tottenham would be nowhere near the top 4
These comments alone show how great Arsenal FC are just look at the variety of supporters from different clubs congratulating Arsenal you wouldn't see that on a...
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