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Messi, ball, goal.
4 years ago
That goal was just genius. When he had that quick burst of pace after the nutmeg, you cant touch him. But in general, they can defend better by working in grou...
In case you're not aware, the Liga awards are voted for by all the players in the league. The real award of the evening, of "Best Player" was actually won by M...
I find that if you access the La Liga channel from within the website I posted, you will always get the latest videos right after they're posted i.e no delay.
Yeah I've had the same problem. The highlights were so damn good. Probably because La liga highlights rights were bought by some channel in your region. There'...
C'mon, the fact that Portugal are even in these playoffs after looking at their group should suggest something. Portugal are in the top 4 teams in Europe, they...
You can't ignore all your biases, this is something nobody pays attention to. 99% of the decisions you take everyday are biased, but you don't realize it. Movi...
Oh and I must say, your (and the general) use of the word bias and my use are different. Generally, bias has a negative connotation to it; while I'm talking in ...
What you're trying to achieve is fairly impossible though. You think the Oscars are transparent? Hell no. I may be slightly ignorant, but do you have any other ...
Written with the same consistency as everyone else's. BTW what the hell are Xavi and Toure doing on this nominee list?
Thanks for the link. It just proves how much out of touch with reality the author is (and you too, may I add, if this makes your blood boil). The writeups are ...
Oh and my thoughts on the 2013 Ballon: this year is the tightest race since 2006. One thing’s quite certain, Messi won’t get it. For those who strongly feel...
I’ve read a lot of posts about the Ballon D’Or on footytube, especially on this forum. I’ve noticed people tend to think too simplistically, and at the sa...
Tito's record vs big teams is really poor. Even in the first half of the season, the sailing wasn't as smooth as it's seemed to be made. Should've been trounce...
5 years ago
I don't think he should be fired, but I think he should probably step down. There is a possibility that his cancer could resurface mid-season and Barca are left...
Tito also threw Bartra into the fire tbh. Ignored him all season and then plays him vs Bayern. Continues to play Alves+Alba inspite of the vulnerability at the...
Tito Vilanova: "The club had enough money to sign a CB in the summer, but I told them to save it."
Iniesta is by far the most creative player in the world. Pure magic. Iniesta, Zidane, Riquelme, Laudrup, Ronaldinho - 5 players who are an absolute joy to watc...
For all La Liga fans, if Footytube doesn't have good highlights for a particular game, use this page by Canal+ :
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