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Wtv i think it was shoulder to shoulder especially considering that the english league is considered the best league in the world because of the roughness in th...
6 years ago
Mike91 ur a dumbass... the penalty was clear and there are no excuses regardless where the ball is going... and u have nothing to say about chelseas defence bec...
Resting them for upcoming derby on monday
You guys both dont know wat ur talking about lmaoo... @MohammedSaid: barca only beat milan because of refereeing as well soo u have nothing to say... Now @Mathe...
Thank god u no wat ur talking about... first off it was javi garcia and not bruno cesar and secondly shoulder to shoulder is not a penalty... secondly maxi perr...
Yea because of refereeing and luck... wtv saves us a defeat against barca and gives u the biggest embarasment in soccer history... ooohhh i cant wait to c wat b...
I wanna know how can you possible be say that Messi is that great... Its the team that makes the player and not the player that makes the team... Messi wouldnt ...
How can u honestly say that xavi and iniesta are better than ronaldo? Ronaldo is not even in the same league as them too.. Ronaldo is the second best player if ...
LOL GD ONE!! if it was Porto who would of been cheated it would of been a scandal but since its benfica its a pleasant victory...
7 years ago
Listen i dont resort to insult people when im frustrated i just can't accept stupidity some thing u clearly have an abundance of... I saw this game and i remem...
U really are tremendously stupid if u read my past comment u would of seen that i admitted that benfica played bad in the champions.... Nd if benfica does have ...
@SuperDragon : Lmao ... the thing is i can put proof that u guys have been helped by the refs but u cant do the same with me soo plz do me a favor and shut up b...
Luso|American: K i didnt understand half of the things u just said... maybe its because of ur inability to structure a sentence... k so according to you if its ...
You guys are f*****g idiots... Even if that stupid penalty is questionable, it wouldnt of been necessary because without the offside goal that hulk scored we wo...
This game was a disgrace. Once more the refereeing in Portugal made the difference! Benfica didn't play a good game but it was sufficient to tie or lose by one ...
This is what happens when you insult Jose Mourinho
Are you mentally ill??? he didnt even push him the goalie ran into him
I would love to know why Benfica's goals aren't in the goals of the week. Maybe not both of them but at least one. They were both great strikes and Cardozo's st...
Two dirty hits and that makes a team dirty? lol
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yaa for sure he eclipsed Ronaldo yet he scored a penalty while Ronaldo scored with a nice shot... He also should of had an a couple of assists but Hugo Almeida ...
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