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Translation? i am kinda curious.
6 years ago
Lol, nah, we want to beat you guys in real games, not in praying :]. And of course, in your best form as well.
What the f**k is going on with Inter?!?!?!? I have watched Inter played for 13 years, and never have been depressing as of right now. Is Gasp stupid or blind to...
Not sure about other fans' thought, but i still want Mourinho to come back and coach Inter, at least for 2 more seasons.
I dont see anything wrong for Inter and Milan fans getting along. I like Milan, too.
Lucio often ran up and attack too, leaving defense with 2, sometime with only Zanetti left. crappy tactic. WTF is Gasp thinking!!!!
That was a bad move.
I would love to see it too, but i doubt he can regains his motivation and form.
Coming here barking everyday won't get you anywhere in life, mate. Go get laid and make ur parents proud.
7 years ago
You can't even spell butt, and you came in here to talk trash. How's a wonderful team like Milan deserve such illiterate, childish, idiotic fan like you?
Talking about ruining football, your Sergio Busquet should be among the perpetrators. In fact, it is him that put us down to 10 men in Camp Nou and we have to p...
We are going advancing no where with a defense like this. Schalke was good, Milan was good also, But i think we can put up a much better game if we have a solid...
Yup Schalke was good, no doubt. Bayern sucks, also no doubt.
You should be the one that are on drug, boy. You're so addictive to Inter's page that i saw you here every single day.
Let them troll all they want, dude. If they can find their happiness over other people's pain, why bother stopping them?
Then you can make the whole Milan community look stupid.
1 Inter fan does not represents the whole Inter community. Same thing also apply to you. What a disgrace for Milan.
Apart from some controversial calls from the ref, Milan was still a better team today. Although our defense was shattered, midfield got owned, offensive was was...
We dont have a lot of Italians, however, Inter's Italians are among the best. Glad to see Motta is doing well there. Cant wait to see Rannochia and Pazzini own...
Lol, Inter fans would never expect a random Dortmund troll commented on this page after the Bayern game.. especially from a stupid one.
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