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F****n dirty neymar
3 months ago
8 months ago
9 months ago
If Zlatan played in RM or Barca in place of Ronaldo and Messi, he would be considered the best player. So under-rated.
Footycray nominated Z. Ibrahimovic (36') for Goal of the Week
From all your comments, all I understand is that you don't like Ronaldo. Which is fine. But this is a forum for the game and not for Ronaldo. If you want to tal...
What about Chiellini? Not gonna do an analysis on your players' actions?
So many people here can't do a proper analysis. If you think the straight red was for an arm in the face, you need stop listening to commentators. That was a fo...
@Hunsijoo - You are clearly naive. You have no idea what all managers do and say to the media to bring out results. Mourinho is the best at this, just because y...
1 year ago
@PEDMAR - I don't care what you want "YOU PEOPLE" to do. But I want you to shut up! NOW!
Footycray gave the Fulham v Liverpool video a rating of 1
@SoccerIsFootbal - See the funny thing is nobody gives a damn about what people like you think. Clearly you are new to football, or you would know, these things...
Proud of every single player. They showed up. That's all I wanted them to do. The goal keeper got lucky with some saves that ended up in his hand. A hand ball w...
And as I said, "Even a 10 man backline cannot stop goals when all those players don't perform". Last year we also conceded the least amount of goals amongst mos...
The way Realfan220 talks "play him CM and not CAM" proves that your football tactical knowledge is limited to what you know about football from Fifa and it's fo...
With same formation last year, Real Madrid won the league, conceded one of the least, if not the least, number of goals in the history of the club and reached a...
@DerBomba - Maldini played in a different era. In Maldini's era you could get away with two footed studs up tackles without a card, nowadays, that's a straight ...
He is 19 years old and was our best defender today. What mistake did Varane make today?
As long as Madrid shows up at Bernabeau and puts in a good game, 3-0 is very achievable. This team is capable of taking down the best teams 5-0, they just need ...
The first goal - Pepe is on the wrong side of Lewandoski, as a defender, you stay in front of the player, not behind him. The second goal - Pepe is not marking...
I am so pissed at Pepe, I hate him as much as a Barca fan hates him. He gave Lewandoski everything he needed. Still have faith in Madrid, 3-0 at Bernabeau is no...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I know liverpool has no money to buy good players, but that does not mean you hide behind the curtain of "we don't buy players" and struggle to come 10th in the...
There is a concept of a body push/tackle, which is not a foul. That's what Xabi did. Just hitting should to shoulder is not a foul in football!
To correct you, Ronaldo has scored in the last 6 el clasicos at Camp Nou. I am not sure what Messi has shone over Madrid in the last 2 years (since the 5-0 defe...
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