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Nahh he's defo onside. he's held onside by the middle defender. you can see he's just in line with him. pause it at 10:57 or 10:58
5 years ago
I wouldn't get too over yourselves ;) KTBFFH
6 years ago
How is the 51 minutes and 54 minutes f*****g highlights?! thats like more than half the f*****g match!
On my birthday. (may 13th) i hope united loses. :)
Common Chelsea's the same... if you check their schedule.. it's ridiculous
It was an amazing match and Torres played absolutely brilliantly, if it wasn't for sturridge being a selfish brat Torres wuda netted more.
If sturridge wasn't such a selfish lil boy Torres woulda gotten ATLEAST 3.
Spain had friggin 70% possession this game! wtf!!!
I reckon the defending is not as good because in Spain people play more attacking and skilled football with flair. Thats the Spanish style of play, if you watch...
Terry was s**t. That goal should never have gone in.
What? u talking bout manu? ;)
@Hillwrong Whoa there calm your farm! Chelsea may not have history but they have certainly been creating it of late! Did Arsenal have history wayy back when it ...
RVP was awesome in this game!
Somewhere on FootyTube
I thought football was a game where your supposed to use ur feet. the exception being the goal keeper who can use their hands inside the 18 yard box...i must be...
7 years ago
No way is Terry and Lampard leaving.... they ARE Chelsea.
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