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There's no reason to try to defend the league as a whole, it's simply rubbish. Real and Barca ARE the two best clubs in the world, without a doubt, but don't go...
2 years ago
I was at that Bolton-Tottenham match. Absolutely brutal scenes. Hopefully Muamba recovers to one day get back on the pitch. Same goes for Stan Petrov, as a coun...
Can't fully buy into the Messi hype until he performs on the international stage. I mean, he's got the world's best supporting cast at Barcelona. Same goes for ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I don't know, but Rooney should be playing as a supporting attacking midfielder. Then, Fergie could send Berbatov on the pitch to play up front. United is thin ...
Very informative piece, thanks
Certainly not an Arsenal player ;)
Perfect example of how the game of football has been tainted by all the diving and cheating used to win. It killed this game just like it has many more. Grown m...
Liverpool the EPL team, what kind of dumb question is that f**k? there are 6 teams in the EPL who can take Barca, so EPL > Barca.
Ze germans
3 years ago
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