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I hope arsenal regain some kind of confidence after this match...This will be a good truning point for the match against Bayern...Very exciting game..better luc...
Fantastic game.. they deserve more arsenal...One by one we are creping up to the inevitable...
Cardiff was much challenging than Tottenham...
Winger24 awesome response...I think NoNoTure wasn't thinking when he wrote that....
What a way to get into the top spot !!!...great match Arsenal..
Try it with tottehnam and see how difficult it is..... oh wait Tottenham never been there...sorry
Napoli=check, Liverpool=check, Dortmund=check, Manchester United= bring it on...I like how Arsenal shuted up all the critics...i also like the fact that we go o...
Arsenal gave me the best birthday gift today... Glad to see them defeat BVB...
Http:// this one has better hightlights...
Thanks Parta Topa...
Life is Beautiful when arsenal win....
I cant stop wathching this over and over again... Simply magnificent !!!!!
Who cares what he says..??? The best part about arsenal is the way they win the mathces...perfection
Arsenal4great i agree with what u saying...and i know that this year things gonna be different..and i absolutely support them 100%..i just wanna see how much di...
I hope to see the same achivement in the coming games with liverpool and Man u...Then only then will the Gooners confirm their big step into successfull season....
They did good Arsenal...But why does it have to be when they are hopeless..They lack consitency ....Come on gooners... In the end its good that Wenger anknowle...
They really did well tottenham this year..they deserve credit for it...But whats arsenal without Cl...Go Gunners one more push
I guess they should have played like this in the first place at the emirates...Have a good defence and attack when needed... but what to do...atleast they exite...
5 years ago
This is true!!
I agree with LoveuArsenal..Giroud is a central striker, he should of created chances but he really sucks.. maybe he need to regain his conifdence but in this ga...
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