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4 years ago
You think that was on purpose? bet he couldnt do that again
Absolutely trash game. please no more young or valencia.. they cost at least 2 goals and they do absolutely nothing for offence. Play kagawa, nani.. give zaha...
Ew not benzema.. misses 32535352 times more than he scores
Moyes has to play him this weekend to give him a chance against crystal.. alongside zaha!
Gotta say Japan plays attractive football.. and why doesnt kagawa play like this at manu lol :s
No idea why benzema is still at real he cost them many games last year and he misses 7/10 of his clear cut chances
He is scoring goals.. what else can you ask for?
Pirlo looks like chuck norris.. no wonder
Fully behind chelsea :) unless they are playing us then I wish them the best.. great team! :)
Tautara... didn't you hear? Messi has nothing to celebrate anymore.. therefore.. your comment is dumb
All i see is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Lolll talk of loyalty coming from a man city fan..
United has no reason for buying him.. feel free to scoop him up seeing as Aguero is linked with real
He has yet to taste many of the delicacies that are in the EPL.. give him one more season
I'm sorry but Barca's style of football is getting boring.. their possession game is kinda overrated now as it is seen they can't really do it as well as they u...
Barca are no longer the benchmark.. plus a team that cant beat an equal opponent without their "star" player isn't really a team anymore.. as the saying goes.. ...
Bayern isnt complaining too much... plus the guy knows he can score goals.. i guess it gets to his head
Yea sure I agree the refs got 1-2 calls wrong there and maybe it should have been 2-0 instead of 4-0... but cmon guys you got to agree bayern completely overran...
Nice display pic.. too bad the little dolphin rat cant win that poor one man team anything :(
5 years ago
Rofl coming from a guy with a one man *cough* rat dolphin *cough* team
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