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International Fuking break now. Lallana miss going to hunt me in my dream for next 2 weeks.
1 week ago
How no team has figured out chelsea 343 yet?
We only give out points to those in serious need (relegation teams) . Burnley have enough to keep them safe for while.
2 weeks ago
This is the types of game I miss gerrard long range pass to make opposition s**t their pants. These teams play so narrow in the middle that leaves so much space...
Hopefully he doesn't start to play s**t like most of the English players do, play with skin of their teeth then get a new contract and salary bump then just chi...
1 month ago
Leicester must be all giggity thinking of playing with us next game
What do you think about 48 teams in world cup from 2026? Only thing I'm hoping that it will do good is that it will reduce the qualifying games since s**t tons...
2 months ago
Lot of energy but not a lot of creativity from these kids. What happened to brannagan?
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2 years ago
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