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Your game is on itv if anyone is from UK. They have online stream but don't know if it'll work in other countries
2 weeks ago
Mister J needs some HarleyQuinn action. Someone find quinn before Mr J D gets permanently limp.
4 weeks ago
Cisse and pelle signed by some Chinese club. Why are they ignoring the potential Ballon d'or player in our team who will cost them nothing to sign?
1 month ago
Sissoko is inconsistent as fuk. And we have too many of those in our team already.
They definitely going to wreck us with benteke
I think it would have been cheaper to just buy Southampton instead of buying their players
2 months ago
Vampire is 10 times better than that monkey. And vampire is almost never injured unlike the monkey who is injured almost every month. But even if we had got ...
5 months ago
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