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Watching the U.S. play today was yet again so painful, same tactic sit and park bus and long ball to a fast no control having forward, this is not Football this...
8 years ago
Colombia was the 6th or 7th team in WC Conmebol qualifiers, Argentina was 2. Nigeria have a real test coming up, they are going to need to bring out the heavy ...
If you can't get goals early then Brasil will grow into the game.
Mex got beat on another set piece what a surprise!
Yet again, Madrid creates more clear cut chances and yet again they put none away.
I can see by the pie charts above that we have people in this room who know nothing about futbol, or rather never played competitively. Lyon played like crap t...
Even though Man Utd. won, I really wasn't at all impressed with their goals; Scholes got lucky and Roonie didn't have anyone marking him for his brace, kind of ...
Can someone post match highlights at least 10min long.
IMO no futballer is worth that kind of money, but I totally agree with you about Tevez he makes things happen I would venture to say he is a catalyst.
Given was awesome.
As much as I want to put all the limelight on Tevez you have to give as much credit to Given he was a man possessed!
I wonder if a David Silva would work.
What is it about playing in the casa blanca? When teams fall there they fall hard, I wonder if the altitude it messing them up?
Flu lucky to not have lost 7-1
I am a futbol neutralist I don't support either team. Here is my take on what I saw from the game. -Barca didn't have half the clear cut chances as Real Madri...
Por favor there were bad calls all over the place. el verdadero crimen es que estas dos veses solo con el arquero y no podes meter ni uno(Irlanda)! por eso co...
Anelka was fouled by the keeper's left hand, should have been a penalty.(1 goal) Henry did handle the ball.(-1 goal) ok the game should have gone to PK's but ...
Ireland should take a lesson from Brasil on how to finish goals cool and collective, hardly what they were this match. When the forwards were close to scoring ...
Both Aguero Goals were fantastic, the 2nd by Dider was ok the 1st was real weak looked like Sunday Amateur League goal.
WOW! Bentiz and Co. do it again, just when we thought they were going down in a ball of flames now this....I am shocked!
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