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There you go Walcott; picks himself up and keeps playing!
5 years ago
Tottenham does a good job with net spending, but they keep a pricey payroll as well.. Why these teams are above Tottenham ("billionaire's toys") does not chang...
Connections: fails to connects sarcasm
I have an incredible new aversion to Bud Light, how many times must we endure this terrible ad campaign. scratch campaign, it's the same truckin' add over and ...
6 years ago
Hope you didn't forget your recent record against Barca... seems like a culture of winning after all... *5 to 0 cough cough*
@ Jackie123, I am calm, the length of a post does not denote any emotion ahha, if I was angry, at all, i would for sure CAPSRAGE lol. I was just trying to offe...
Everyone loves freaking out about Barca's "culture of diving." IMO this is total rubbish. I'll cede that Barca players may, at times, go down easy and act, b...
@ChaosStriker For the sake of humoring, i'll overlook your spastic interchanging of the word "they" in reference to Arsenal or Barcelona, and infer meaning :) "...
Im not saying it proves anything, but isn't curious that Terry's racism would suddenly manifest now? Look at Chelsea's squad, it has been and is currently one ...
Seems like you have a hard on
Lol at 08:40, kid in the green fest is liven' it up
Cool dude ^
You should for sure make a rage comic
Totally regret reading that whole disjointed statement.
Looks like your ego is what's enlarged
Evra is still class, Cara on the other hand..
Professionals. They get the job done.
Busquets is a probably a bigger diver than Di Maria. @Lavalamp Busquets is 10 times more talented than Di maria. He is one of the main factors in Barcelona's...
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