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PSG are a class above Juventus just in terms of the squad, Juve are still just too slow all over the pitch to compete when it comes to a really big test. Bayern...
Agreed - really open game, two teams trying to score goals. What a rarity in a quarterfinal! See you guys soon and congrats on Ligue 1!
I didn't think Barca played that poorly in the first half, and not enough credit given to PSG - one of the few teams to come to Camp Nou and actually try to pla...
His joy of the game - so many times jumping into the arms of the provider of the cross. A brutally ruthless footballer with fantastic focus, and a class attitud...
Floppsybunny nominated L. Messi (5') for Goal of the Week
It's true most of Real's chances were from outside the box, and United had some very good chances. But a lot of Real's chances from outside the box came pretty ...
Floppsybunny nominated David Villa (21') for Goal of the Week
The more words you need to defend your Portuguese coach the more it seems I've touched a nerve. Good luck to you.
Mourinho is a master tactician - the only flaw in his tactic is when a good team is brave enough to play fast, technical, attacking football against them - pres...
Let it be so :)
A great win for the Ajax philosophy - possession wins, sometimes against the odds. :) Gratz.
Underestimate Ajax Amsterdam at your peril. Give anyone 65% of the ball in the first half and don't expect to concede some chances, and lose your own confidenc...
Celtic's goal was a bit fortunate (unfortunate), but the delivery on the freekick was very very good. Celtic were dangerous throughout when they broke, and did ...
Both teams let down by a terrible ref imo. But god what a game!
No, that's a normal ask.
I was surprised Ozil started, but then he had a very good game. Agree that putting Essien on was a mistake. Seemed to send the message that Madrid were happy wi...
To the 4 people (so far) who voted either team as "Rubbish": Why do you even bother watching football?
Ajax try to play good football but not incisive enough. They looked good for about 10 minutes in the second half, otherwise they were too afraid to play forward...
Wasteful finishing from BD. Man City still in the group, Joe Hart and dumb luck combine well.
So sick of trolls on this board, from both sides - grow up please, or get a life. Great win for Barca. The ref was abysmal, calling nothing in the first half, ...
Villas Boas is very intelligent. He describes exactly what I saw, but what I rarely hear managers say. "To be honest the subsitution didn't make an immediate im...
6 years ago
Full credit to Real - the hilights didn't show the extent to which they succeeded in controlling much of the game with their high pressing, forcing Barca out of...
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