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Those who vote teams that played awesome a rubish are rubish and not true football fans. Give credit where credit is due!
6 years ago
The ref deserved a kick as well! He ruined the game. I don't think AZ's players and coach would mine if the ref didn't give the red card. They would continue to...
The ref deserved a kick as well! He ruined the game. I don't think AZ's players and coach would mine if the ref didn't give the red card. They would continue...
Aerofred.....I would like to see the "by possession team", Arsenal, contend the title this year and win it!
What are you talking about? Dzeko is a brilliant striker! And he showed his brilliance against Arsenal at the Carlin cup last Tuesday when he assisted Aguero's ...
He already did his thinking and signed with the right club. He recently signed a new contract with Man city. Very thoughtful decision! And who said playing...
He is a star player!
Balotelli is a funny kid! He always finds away to entertain you! P.s. Can't wait the next two matches! Chelsea and Arsenal! I think if we beat both of thes...
Devil...I can't beleive you blaming Park! The guy is very instrumental and Alex believes in him! That is why he plays him the big games!
Last year leads beat'm, this year it's Crystal Palace. Alex ferguson should learn his lessons and not underestimate these lower divisioned teams.
Stop bragging! The better side won the game!
There soon will be one Manchester :)
First, it's not Valencia! It's Villarreal. Second, I wish you were in the same group with Bayern, Napoli, and Villarreal. You would probably be spotted below ...
I watched the whole 90 mins of the game and I have to admit that you guys played very good! Chamberland was amazing! The kid needs to play more in the prem ...
It's right now the hottest team on the planet :) If you can't defeat'm thn join :)
I hate Honda and Toyota! It's unfair and unethical how much money they spend on advertising and on innovation development to outcompete in automotive industry!...
Richards had a very good game. SMH! I wonder why he is not in England's squad yet? Balotelli also played very good today! The guy entertains every week both...
Good win for England! Spain played well but weren't productive in their finishing. No disrespect to Cesc but Silva would probably finish some of the chances....
Know your place man..no need to be rude!!! Ask the rag head to buy you a spear for hunting you f*****g zulu!! You start s**t i'll end it you lil black bitch!!
I'm not saying we're the champions yet and it's so premature to claim it but I'm pointing out the charactersitics of championship teams. They win all the dirty...
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