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Andrea Peerless
5 years ago
Full BBC highlights - for your viewing pleasure: http://www.footballorgin.com/2012/06/euro-2012-semi-final-germany-v-italy_29.html
Calm down miniature balls, calm down.
6 years ago
England played for penalties; Italia played for the win... both teams' wishes came true. Would have been an injustice for England to go through playing like tha...
After scoring, CR often looks so angry and aggressive. Other players tend to seem happy, excited. It's baffling. I think there are some psychological issues the...
(@ DirtyDan) ^ I think that's a Google Translate fail!!!
Spawn of Schmeichel
Ninsane, I'm not trying to provoke, but why the Swansea city emblem if you declare loyalty to ManU?
Johnson dived, but respect to him for being honest about it in the interview.
Penalties were NOT legit, mate. They were cheating. When will that be addressed in the game?
Somewhere on FootyTube
There are several different origins for the surname MacLean, however, the clan surname is an Anglicisation of the Scottish Gaelic MacGilleEathain. The founder o...
Apologies... my bad. *blushes*
Pffff, unbelievable
Nice comment. but... it's EPL, mate: English. B is for Barclays w**k. The league is already somewhat defined by money, let's not forget what it's actually about...
By the way, what the hell does the commentator mean at the start... "Van Persie is on holiday in Dubai". ON HOLIDAY!?!?! WTF... how much is he getting paid,... ...
Venit, ludit et arcu. Henricus
His name... is Robert Paulson
I cannot understand why KK hasn't been offered a permanent contract. 'No-brainer' isn't it? Surely they know that if he doesn't stay, there'll be mutiny on the ...
7 years ago
Entertaining match, irresistable Reds. Personally I think Sidwell's strike is the best goal: no backlift, two touches. Reds would have beaten Fulham easily anyw...
Well-worded comment Joeymac, hear hear. I say yellow card every man jack of 'em that dares going to ground without clear strong impact and it'll force them to s...
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