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7 years ago
Hahaha...the rest of the table seems pretty much sorted out already. wolves can probably expect this to be their highest point on the table all year as well.
Haha...goal of the week? Is it too early to give it goal of the year. What a cheeky free kick. So creative.
MLS is on the verge of becoming a profitable enterprise which is why you see clubs spending more money on players. Also, since all players actually are "owned"...
France seems like they should be stacked with a good mix of veteran saavy and energetic youth...as it turns out, they just are a group of underachieving futbol ...
8 years ago
Hopefully we see some England crap football when they play US!!!
That was a horrible miss
You could have put out a back line of 4 armless babies and they would have proven a stiffer defense...laughable
Casillas is a jungle cat. ronaldo has only selfish field vision. even his pass to guti took soooo long to develop that guti knew just what to do with it when ...
How many times can the line be cleared by a defender in one game...that was stressful to watch.
How did the footy knight not start nani. he was desperately missed in the first half
Evra...wow. pay me millions and I will pass it through my own box all day
Altidore did well to win the penalty...thought the header was really poor goalkeeping. fulham looked truly awful though
Tevez can take advantage of poor/lazy defending and goalkeeping. He lacks the quality/creativity of a Rooney/Drogba/Torres who can score despite great defense.
Good tough win by the Crew. Check out Massivereport.com for Crew news, interviews and more!
Wow...torres. You could pay me millions and I will go out there a fluff a beautiful cross all day. oh wait...he did it twice.
Liverpool looked great in parts. It is about time that Rafa took Lukas out and gave Aquilani a chance. He seemed to mesh well with the Gerrard and Torres. Po...
Considering that Toluca is in full midseason swing and this was Columbus's first competitive game, I think this is a good result for Columbus. I didn't expect ...
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