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Hey Milan fans, Catania had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside, you idiots. If the referee was competent, it would have still been a draw. Cry more.
6 years ago
I'm sure lightly brushing someone's head with your head will show them how macho you are Reina, you f*****g idiot.
How many Footytube fans do Pescara actually have?
Roma without De Rossi, ladies and gentlemen. What a horrid mess they are.
David, stop playing Saha. I mean it. I would rather you drag Stubbsy out of retirement and stick him up front than see Louis out there again.
Scoring at home against a side who look like they've never played football before? He's back to his best alright! Shame he was suspended for the Everton game, ...
Great to see David Moyes portraying his tactical genius for all to see once again. 3-0 down, He tells his team to stand off and contain. Then takes off Cahill a...
Typical Liverpool, they can only ever get points from dives. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?
2 cool votes cause u love cats!:D
You'll Never Win Anything
Great result In Kenny we trust!
So any team who decide to play counter attacking football automatically deserve to lose?
Happy me.
7 years ago
So wait, ghana DIVE to get free kick, and suarez stops them scoring from this DIVE by handling the ball, and suddenly he's the cheat? he was righting a wrong.
Uruguay should have had a penalty, the free kick that led to the hand ball was a clear dive from ghana, muntari should have been sent off for his kick at pereir...
A night with 8 goals scored is never bad one if you appreciate good football
8 years ago
Ireland must be empty everytime united plays huh?
Jesus christ, everything about inzaghi is annoying. his face, his run, alot like gerrard in that respect.
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