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Fischi wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Hope he makes it to the euro. together with scholesy.
6 years ago
The rules are clear - if you make a bad tackle, it doesn't matter if you go for the ball or not. referees interpret dirty tackles differently, no doubt about th...
It's overblown, yes. but i think it should be forgiven, not forgotten. from a united fan to a liverpool fan. but we share the same passion for the beautiful gam...
He would show real class if he shakes his hand. would be a really great act to forgive the unforgivable racism. and by the way, the only chance to fight it.
DeGea proofed to be a top stopper of the ball - the main problem for now is that he doesn't exude calmness and safety. you always think about him breaking in tw...
That's like air france sticking to the concorde. something bad has to happen for daglish to realize carroll doesn't fit his team.
I just love piggybanks to be beaten.
Somewhere on FootyTube
It was great to see real getting the chances. that's what you get if pepe concentrates on playing soccer instead of kicking his opponents.
Hm, ox had a few tactical errors in the first half, with running defensively instead of penetrating united's left full back. could have created 3 big chances th...
Got a valid point here, masterboy. i don't think nani's style fits united. he holds the ball for long periods of time instead of playing the quick ball, and los...
Can't happen to you guys, can it? or how do you pay taxes if you make a loss in the height of 100mio€?
Watching this game reminded me of pepe vs. barcelona. not just balotelli's stamp, but allso lescott's elbow. dirty dirty play. but it's also assou-ekoto's faul...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Pepe is just an angry violent crybaby. why did nobody mention the equalizer was his fault? he has had a horrible game, even besides his dirty playing.
This is always like watching angry dirty whining pepe against his archenemies.
Problem is, good clubs playing in the championsleague already have a good squad. they would need worldclass players, and all of them have already played champio...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Maybe it's the same thing as Forlan was for United - you know he's a superb striker, but he just didn't find the net at Old Trafford. His first goal was a penal...
I support united because it was the first club in FIFA96 to have 5 stars, and i wanted a good team. this is also the start of ryan giggs being my favourite play...
It is quite an interesting topic, nevertheless it is not easy to handle. A line has to be drawn somewhere - reason would suggest the nationality of the player ...
The new album of the mighty MUSE: the resistance!!
8 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Spurs did a good job - but they should have scored more goals from their chances. they squandered most of them, and so united got the chance to come back into t...
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