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My my scolari rotation policy is soo mourinho-esque
3 weeks ago
Yea ghana were the only team last time. and this year, despite the african team had 3 and a half chance in the round of 16, only 1 has made it... again... but l...
Do you know since 1986 (last 7 world cups) only one african team has made it out of the group stages. nothing more, nothing less no matter how promising or bad ...
Lol I know. I did say the way the players disappointed the fans, after a not so good display, never helped the players case (with the fans) when they brought up...
4 weeks ago
Oops. did not know I typed so much. lol
@Samcrosoft I would have to say concerning the Nigeria issue, I have 0 blame on the players on them whatsoever. Zero. The problem is the NFF has been embezzli...
LOOOOL. Good Laughs
Hahahahhahahahahahah @ Thechelsea
Really? I get told I got rapped in every online video game ive played ranging from 10-40yr olds and North America across to Europe. :) Anyways great weekend t...
1 month ago
What are you talking about? he is a complete striker
Bluff you are terrible. :')
That is probably the best line up and formation :) Luis as LB maybe
Omg Elchico
Can cheque fibreglass* play in the pivot? Can he track back? Critical questions you chelsea fans seem to be missing for the olympic team you were trying to ...
Zouma was luiz replacement. Why are people blind
Since my bro pays the bills he chooses the matches. And he is a chelsea fan. It was a good season especially against the big teams. I think a 100% record at S...
3 months ago
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