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For me its top 6 behind Rinaldo, mess I, robber, bailer, fightillyoufail, harzard
1 week ago
I think Remy already loves to shoot a lot. Who would be better in your formation is now a matter some cannot say
2 weeks ago
Hahahahahahahaha... only 11 player the next was 14 players. at least they have a trusted bench of 3 if picking out those 11 players was a game of a million do...
3 weeks ago
"But a little fatigue" Hahahahahahahaahahahahaha
1 month ago
Proven working system like taking all their rivals best players? Okay
There was a long thread below, and I don't do much long threads So I keep seeing "salah was awful for Chelsea and he is now lighting up fiorentina, so Italian ...
You would need your cm's to be on form to protect them.
Funny enough, I still hear people say all mou do is blame his players
"Willian and Oscar offer fk all going forward" Lmao
How can this be so obvious that all of you miss it. You are all BLIND!!! It is the SNOW guys... the SNOW!!!!
The same Giroud Arsenal fans wanted to slaughter after monaco match? lol
Honestly, I felt my bros pain yesterday Oscar is just so inconsistent and willian doesn't cut it as an attacking outlet. They have had so much time to adjust t...
Mou was the coach of team b and the assistant coach was for team a*
If they faced each other and you was the coach of team b and they and the assistant was the coach of team a, who will win? ;)
From where I am from, spitting is one of the most shameful ways of shaming someone. It is even worse than getting slapped Spitting on someone leads to a fight ...
My bro said, mou was like. "Yea dawg, you know we love you and stuff big Pete and we want you to stay. However you know how I feel. If you wanna leave, no prob...
2 months ago
Dude that was just league cup. I can wonder what will happen for UCL
@kgb (2nd statement) without reading the rest so forgive me, but do you know Chelseafc 2nd highest shirt sales were from Lagos? No other top club in england ha...
Arsenal are the2nd highest contributors to the EPL coefficient I think with 100 points. Chelsea has 140.
Very well said. City can continue playing the same way and getting beat home and away. Because pride is much better than winning. And dont play dirty too. But ...
1 year ago
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