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Well this match was really a shocker. maybe we shoulkd consider not writing off usa so easil mxt time. they can beat the european champions 2-0 when they have a...
8 years ago
Come on she is Victoria. who would not want??? i mean its normal and its just satisfying our pleasures
Yup its all over. maybe fifa should really install the sidelines camera so everything would be avoided
U mean spain would win the world cup definitely??? i don think so as they are many other teams who would pose a challenge for them. look at previous match for S...
Usa is just rubbish and not talented in football maybe they should developed more on their basics before participating in competitions as it would make them a l...
And i would like to praise egypt goal keeper. he is just superb. if there is a award which is the best goalkeeper in this competion, egypt goalkeeper could be o...
First of all who would disagree with me that italy are under performing as world champions. its a surprise that italy could make it to the semi finals. trust me...
Spain can be a good rival for the confederations cup. but for the wold cup there are many other teams who are capable of doing too like england. with a hot form...
Iniesta is not in the squad as they a good squad with strong depth. and south africa is a not up to stnadard team why shld he be place in the starting line up??...
I agree with Football01 beckham should just f**k off to his clun house or watever. he should just become a fashion m0odel on FHM
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