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That chirches strike was unbelievable. with his weak foot. cut the grass with that shot.
Man U and Barcelona? Do you also like Juventus/ Milan or Bayern/Dortmund?
Man U and Real? really..
Wasnt aware there was a forum, thanks for the heads up brotha!
Spent billions? where the hell are you making this up?
@Dafuq, retaliation never has good reason. If you seriously think that, youre no better than both Armero or Lens, so step off that high horse because you embody...
Hey :) I liked how you dealt with the idiot Spurs fan on the West Ham video!!.... you should go on the spurs page more rather than just comment on the videos, t...
Holy s**t. you really are utterly clueless. You want AVB out and DiCanio in? LMAO.
Do any of these idiots not remember Juande Ramos? I could go further, but they'd probably still be in the womb.
Any Spurs fan who wants AVB out only recently started following Spurs bc of Clint Dempsey or Gareth Bale post-Inter Milan. They can f**k off.
1/2) Lloris 1/2) Cech 3) Degea/Krul. yea Krul was amazing 11/12. 12/13 he had some difficulties including an injury? not sure. But he's back at it again. Good k...
Oh f**k off with that s**t. we've had our best start to the season ever and you want AVB out just after he got us the most points in a season? go support chelse...
Already calling yourself a madrista just because of bale and modric?
Wait, are you actually being serious as if youre really not sure whether he did the dummy intentionally or not? Is it not obvious?
Damn, that arsenal goal was pure football.
For fucks sake footy tube, stop combining highlights and adding your stupid advertisement for a s**t app to make the highlights seem longer. pissing us all off
It's just their culture. you of all people should understand
To be fair, Real Madrid as a whole was not impressive. Bale played average. considering he only trained a couple of times with the team, he did exceptionally we...
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