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The ball hit his hand and not the other way around. Also Suarez seemed surprised he wasn't called for hand ball. If the ref doesn't call it doesn't mean it didn...
"to me is the best player in premiership..." WTF Romeu has played 5 out of 16 EPL games and hasnt created anything during those 5 games This lad was clearly r...
A little Chelsea bias here haha (literally named your starting 4 and that can not be taken seriously) so this whole list was clearly not constructed by a mind i...
Because he had no chance. That was a rocket shot
2 years ago
The pitch probably did get in Barca players heads but i dont think it influenced any important stretches of play. And i thought it was an exciting match, had me...
Away goals mean so much more in this competition, so therefore it is actually very wise to protect your home net. And shadow is right Milan are in a great posit...
I love how every barca fan focuses directly on the final, milan definitely got under your skin today. Karma can be a bitch
Good to see valencia back, he is a game changer
Omg i didn't know Downing could hit it that hard. Hope this is a sign of things to come for him, would love to see a goal in the league this year. Hope we play ...
Nice win for Chelsea but I don't think this means anything for Torres he still lacks confidence in front of goal and on the ball (totally miss hit that first sh...
USA will punish England on Saturday! USA USA USA
3 years ago
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