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Seriously, how does Suarez nutmeg people so much.
1 year ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
So true, I don't see what's so brave about defending for 180 minutes plus extra time. It's called fear.
And we all remember a Chelsea team that actually played, not some rubbish defending team fearing their opponent.
Only way Chelsea can win is to defend with 10 men all game.
Leandro Daimiao or something like that plays for internacional is #9
What makes this most interesting is the fact that after Bayern owned Hoffenheim by 7 goals, the Basel coach said that there is no way Bayern can beat them with ...
2 years ago
This felt like watching replay after replay
Great analysis and insight, can't doubt what you've said.
Props to Netherlands for playing at 100% and not showing mercy. San Marino deserves a good match and they'll appreciate it.
Agree, Agree, AGree!!
17:53 minutes and they couldn't manage to show all the goals. They could have left out some of the missed chances because most weren't close.
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