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Fawlty nominated L. Messi (67') for Goal of the Week
You watch fawlty towers? thats awesome:D two cools for you mate and see you around the site:D
Lesson of the day: don't piss off Barca with an early goal... else you will taste the Wrath of Messi in all of its glory.
6 years ago
Messi's goal: the most difficult goal he's scored ever. Alves deserves credit for at least being selfless.
Did you see the look on Mancini's face? He was pissed!
What a thrashing! Manchester hUmiliated!
Man city didn't show up to play. why oh why?
Torres' miss vs. Rooney's slip-up, which is worse?
Finally! Torres fits in Chelsea.
Fact 1: Messi is brilliant. Fact 2: Barcelona scores brilliant goals. Fact 3: Real Madrid scores shitty goals. Fact 4: I am right.
It's not my faulty ;-)
7 years ago
Fan of Chelsea, Gunners and the Yids - what's going on?
What a great match these two teams make.
Dear Chelsea, you're breaking my heart, sincerely Fawlty.
That almost-goal didn't need to be touched by a header at all. What a bummer.
This game is football eye candy. Lovely goals, even the own goal.
I couldn't agree more.
I'm definitely going to buy Gareth Bale for my DreamFooty team.
You should get a DreamFooty team together. It's fun!
On FootyTube, you can remove friends But rivals are stuck with you for life So pick your rivals wisely. (This is not a haiku)
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