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I might be bias for a bit, but honestly I thought we were the better sides. BUT, the better sides doesn't always win. So, grats for Arsenal who got their reveng...
No it wasn't, I watched the game again and the replay showed that it wasn't
They are trying to make a bid for him.
Ref has ruined the match for us LOADS of time this season, it was coming.
That last run from Coutinho was just magical!!!
Both team played well, it was a very good game. Eventhough we didn't get the win I'm proud of the performance and how we compete with City. I'm still pissed abo...
And I hate the argument if you remove the best player on the side. We have him, we own him, why should you remove him from the equation? You could say that to a...
Well, we didn't have Suarez earlier in the season but that doesn't stop us does it?
It was a red card offence, intentional or not. Your studs cannot be high.
To be honest, I was afraid that we would lose. Your players are that good.
He can only do so much
You're welcome :P
BPL top scorers: Suarez, Aguero, Sturridge. That's your SAS right there lol.
How many goal of the season is he going to score? Fricking unbelievable.
He's worth double or more than Bale
Ahahaha how ironic when an Arsenal supporter talks about dust in the trophy cabinet. You guys are off to a good start but I won't be that confident yet.
Prior to this game, the high line was not the problem. Eplnuetral is spot on, they look pretty clueless on the final third and Soldado looks isolated all the ti...
Oh and Flanagan was boss, best defender on the pitch by mile. A young kid, only his second start, playing in the derby I thought he did very very well with some...
Get saved by Suarez? You could say the same to Lukaku. I mean, he's not even their player lol.
Ohhh cmon why the f*****g hell wasn't Mirallas sent off...that was an utter rubbish decision by Dowd. And Everton players were doing flying tackles all over the...
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