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Shut up
5 years ago
You mean the same way Barcelona have brushed Chelsea aside with ease in recent years apart from last year when God came down from heaven to help Chelsea...........
Hudson is entertainment at its best! the man's hilarious
Siyavosh2002 - Yes Iran would have been in a better position if they had beat Lebanon, however, they were poor that day and that result was justified. Actually,...
Does this justify Carroll's extravagant price tag?
6 years ago
The newspapers were quoted as saying 'Carroll diving like a donkey' Its actually quite funny watching a man of his physical stature diving in that manner......
Chaos what are you rambling about? Not a Real Madrid fan but Real SHOULD be able to handle Sociadad considering that its home and can i ask what was wrong with ...
Neymar and company are in the Under-20 tournament and you answered your own question, this is a team in development
7 years ago
The one on Cassano was the only one that can be called a penalty............
Which ones? The one where the Italian player dove? Or the other one where the Italian player dove?
First goal was offside. Bent was slightly offside. Either way, i felt neither team deserved to win and a draw would have been a more fair result but thats footb...
Actually Manchester United WITH Ronaldo DID beat Messi when they went on to win the CL.......
Past his prime? Ronaldo is IN HIS prime! You can't just base it on numbers. Under your rationale, just because he's 26 that would mean that he's past his prime,...
Who said that Ronaldo wasn't a great player? The truth is that Messi is the better player. Also, how can you make a claim like 'Argentina won 2-1 not messi'? Is...
And Ronaldo isn't?
I'm sorry, i didn't see the match but what was Carlvalho doing up there? Nice finish either way but hahha, its just a tad funny
That was a foul on Chivu before Cassano gave the pass.... countinho looks like a promising talent. Eto'o just can't stop. Barcelona should never have let him ...
Dani Alves is still a little bitch
Wolves played well and were unlucky not to have scored
Shut up you loser......
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